First Time Here - Please Read


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    First Time Here - Please Read

    Post  Admin on Mon Jan 11, 2010 6:39 am

    Well here we are a new year and a new addition to the website - a brand new user forum.

    Disappointed by the harsh weather conditions across the country and having time on our hands this forum will be up and running on Monday 12th January so please check back then, in the mean time you can set up your membership...its free and is self activating.

    As admin of this forum my duties only include borad creation and keeping the forum is a tidy fashion, and where needed i will be posting coming event details if David does not have time. Other than that my only involvement will be assisting on help topics such as any technical pc or internet issues or issues relating to the forum, the track website and our facebook groups page.

    The purpose of a users / visitors or members forum such as this is to allow you to voice your opinion and/or own personal views on activities, actions and topics posted on this forum or topics relating to greyhound matters or events at highgate greyhound Stadium. As a result your comments and views are welcome here becasue we live in a society where freedome of speech is encouraged.

    Highgate Greyhound Stadium welcome ALL comments about how the track in running and how better they can help provide you the owner/ trainer / punter / spectator with a more enjoyable experience. They are very keen to hear your comments but please do not use this forum to just bleet an about things out of the control of the track owners. Moaning about treading in poo under the stand is really not the track owners fault, but that of a fellow trainer - so please think about what you are putting and is it really anything to do with the track. All forum posts will be read and all comments will be taken on board.

    HOWEVER please do not abuse this by using this forum to personally attack other members of the forum or persons who cannot for what ever reason come on here and defend themselves.

    If you can please try to refrain from filling your post with vulgar or inapropriate language - there are plenty of people who are encouraging there children and younger members of their family in to the greyhound way of life and from time to time either with family members of unsupervised they may be looking at the forum - subjecting them to unecessary language is not really fair.

    Posts and/or membership sign ups will not be vetted by admin or moderators but any post that contains severe language, attacks anyone on a personal level or indeed slaggs off any other track without due course will result in the member being asked to remove the post or edit it. If you have a personal issue with anyone bein git another member or track owner/promotor please take it up with them - dont bring it to the forum UNLESS it is of general interest to the rest of the community.

    Members are permitted to hold only 1 membership - anyone found to be holding more than 1 membership, which in our experience means that you are out to casue trouble will have their account limited and your actions made public notice to other users.

    This new forum has been set up and will include moderators that will keep things going on the forum and most of all are regular attendants and well know figures at Highgate.

    Before making a member of this forum please ensure that you can comply with these simple rules, if you feel that you cannot then please do not join this forum


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